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Labor donated. Contact Adriel Hampton for Congress, P.O. Box 4851, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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For my entire adult life, I've watched our political leadership become more and more removed from the lives of hardworking Americans like us. These are times for our government when caring people cannot just stand aside and watch.

Since the day in October 2002 that Rep. Ellen Tauscher and nearly all of our elected representatives voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq, I have been considering running for California's District 10 seat.
The election of President Barack Obama, whom I supported through the primary by organizing friends and making hundreds of phone calls into key states while my sons took their afternoon naps, is testament to the radical change that voters are demanding. That change has only just begun.
Congress is stacked with entrenched career politicians who have no desire for true change. I am fighting with all I have to ensure that the voter of District 10 have a real choice in Washington.
I have dedicated my professional life to the pursuit of truth, as a journalist and as a private investigator. I want to go to Congress to take the voices of everyday folks into the halls of power. I plan to fight with all my heart for progressive legislation in response to our economic crisis, including:

         1. Caps on Interest Rates
         2. Fully Funding Public Education
         3. Auditing the Federal Reserve
         4. Providing Single-Payer Health Care for all Americans

This special election is a rare opportunity for grassroots representation, and by sending an new kind of candidate to Congress from CA-10, we can be and inspiration for real reform in the 2010 midterm elections.

We can have a healthy government built on the common dreams we share. What it will take is breaking from the mold of political musical chairs, where the same handful of candidates are considered the front runners for whatever open office comes up. I am running because I have a vision for our America. My vision goes beyond partisan battles and to the heart of “government by the people, of the people, for the people.”

I am just a guy, but I am a guy with a dream. I want to take the aspirations of everyone in District 10 to Washington. We must invest ourselves in an America where hard work and merit still lead to prosperity, where the next generations are as lucky as we are, in an America where anything is possible.